Shawn Benton

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Press Coverage

ARTCOVER Magazine - Issue 2, 2017 - Front Cover artist with 4 page spread

MTNtown Magazine - Winter 2016/2017 Issue - "Today's Ski Bums" Article

Art in Aspen, A Publication of The Aspen Times -  Winter 2016 - Solo Exhibition Back Cover Ad

ARTCHASER - Volume 2, 2015 -  New Artist Profiles 

The Scout Guide Blog - July 25, 2012 - LIVAspenArt "Matrix" Exhibit

Aspen Magazine - Issue for Summer 2012 - Article “Emerging Artists in Aspen”

Aspen Times Weekly - Issue for June 14 - 20, 2012 - Photo of Shawn and his wife from The Red Brick Biennial Reception with his painting titled “Free”

Aspen Times Weekly - Issue for March 1- 7, 2012 - Photo of painting titled “SOS” which was part of the group exhibition Familiar Strangers at The Red Brick

Aspen Art Museum Members’ Magazine - Issue for Fall/Winter 2011- 2012 - Artist for Roaring Fork Open 2011

Shawn Benton, born in 1981, is a contemporary artist that paints

using a wide array of materials. He is a self-taught artist from Oregon, but now resides and creates in Aspen, Colorado. His paintings depict current worldly issues as an alternative to what you may hear on mainstream news; it is his way to share with others the directions and trends that he sees will happen soon. He believes we are living through a very important time in history where we are exiting out of an old paradigm and entering into a new paradigm. This shift in consciousness is what he portrays through his art. As the current system crumbles away, then we will be able to create a world where humanity will thrive. When we are healthy and the energy of the chakras flow, we are in balance, connected and our inner compass will lead us through life. The universe is calling Shawn to paint and get this message out. His paintings will take you on a journey that can sometimes be emotional, humorous, and overwhelming for the viewer. Shawn tries not to sensor his emotions during the painting process, but taps into the collective consciousness which can be felt as a viewer. He is driven, focused and very passionate about his art. Truth, nature, and freedom are a few of the things that inspire him as an artist.

“What we know is what we see; our eyes see a world in constant change. We should not be pessimistic to have considerable change, it is evolution. It is important we do not get lost in the old paradigm.” -Shawn Benton