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The G20 Summit In The Age Of Aquarius

Posted by Shawn Benton on November 21, 2019 at 2:20 AM Comments comments (7271)

The G20 Summit should be held at a meditation sanctuary offering organic food and fluoride free water. The participants, AKA world leaders, should have to practice meditation while sitting in a garden next to a beautiful pond, the kind of pond that you would find Claude Monet painting water lilies onto a perfectly stretch canvas. The participants would be vaping Blue Dream, with birds chirping, butterflies flying, fish jumping, kids running around in the background with 432hz DNA chakra cleansing music playing. There should be NO discussion for war, but only discussions of peace and co-creating the new paradigm, which should be based on truth, love, happiness, and freedom for all. We will develop free energies and ways to remove our dependency on fossil fuels. The attendees will discuss ways to move their citizens to an organic, plant-based diet. The beautiful and diverse people of the world will realize we are better off without banking cartels and private central banks, secretly controlling us through fiat currency and taxation without representation.  We will remember the instructions on how to live on Earth in a spiritual way. We will see that the water is sacred and the air is sacred. Humanity will thrive as we realize that we are all one consciousness. We have now entered into a new paradigm, the Age of Aquarius, so don't get lost in the old paradigm. The new paradigm starts with a ton of forgiveness. Expand and contract, still the mind and remember to breathe. If you fall off the bike, get back up and go at it again, just remember the lessons life is teaching us. Let your fears flow down the river.


Below are some of my paintings that I have created that represent this shift in consciousness and new paradigm.


"Be the change you want to see in the world"

Mahatma Gandhi