Retail Bag Series Retail Bag Series "The Difference Between Devotion and Addiction" 30in x 24in Acrylic, Oil Stick, Fabric on Burberry Bag 201613314 "Hyperinflation" 19in x 23in Acrylic, Mixed Media on Maison Ullens Bag 204947655 "Be Happy Without Reason" 12 1/2in x 19in Acrylic, Mixed Media on Dolce and Gabbana Bag N/A 203372113 "Celestial Realm" 27in x 24in Acrylic and Fabric on Brunello Cucinelli Bag 201613281 "Changing Patterns" 26in x 25in Acrylic, Oil Stick, Fabric on Loro Piana Bag 201612915 "Separating Spirit and Matter" 19in x16in Acryllic on Moncler Bag NA 201538916 "Water Lily In A Pond" 24in x 21in Acrylic, Oil Stick, Crystal Quartz Fabric on Valentino 204104486 "Red Bag" 19in x 18 1 /2in Acrylic, Mixed Media on Kate Spade Bag 203413219 "Elk Boning In Nature On A Sunny Fall Day" 14in x 10in Acrylic, Oil Stick, Hemp, Crayola Crayon, Glitter on Rag and Bone Bag 204410662 "Credit Freeze of 2017 15in x 11.5in Acrylic, Mixed Media on Manrico Cashmere Bag 203413217 "The Most Beautiful Bush In All of Nederland Colorado" 19in x 16 1/2 Acrylic, Bison Fur on Dior Bag 203911733 "Becoming Silent" 19in x 11in Acrylic, Mixed Media on Buccellati Bag N/A 201612917 A Zebra, Lion, Hillary and The Donald Have A Picnic 16in x 15in Acrylic, Fabric on Rag and Bone Bag 203869383 "4" Acrylic, Oil Stick on Burberry Bag N/A 201950880 "New York" SOLD 204947656